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Reported Crimes 2010 to Present

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About the Data

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Reported Crime

Crime totals used for our maps are for two time periods. When you single-click on a map feature:

  1. Neighborhood and CTA Station Area maps (1,000ft. buffer) use 2001-2010 data (both thematic map and popup line-graph)
  2. All other maps and charts use 2010 to Present data (both thematic maps and popup pie chart).

Source: City of Chicago Data Portal, Crimes - 2001 to Present.

Citizen Reports

The Citizen Reports map allows for crowdsourcing from your mobile device using a free app from ArcGIS. Crowdsourcing is volunteer contributed information.

Report your community problems from your current location using your smartphone's GPS and the Citizen Reports map.

Open the map for further instructions.

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